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America's First Automobile Race

Charles and Frank produce the First American automobile- who created their first gasoline-powered “horseless-carriage” in 1893. Like the Wright brothers, the Duryea’s were bicycles mechanics with a passion for innovation. The brothers built their first car in a workshop located in a building in downtown Springfield, MA. Their new invention was rolled onto the city streets for testing in September 1893. It sported a one-cylinder, gasoline engine and a three-speed transmission mounted on a used horse carriage. It could achieve a top speed of 7.5 mph. Frank developed a second car with a more powerful two-cylinder engine at the following year. It was this car that he drove in America’s first automobile race on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1895. The race was sponsored by the Chicago to Evanston, IL and back. There were five entrants in addition to Duryea 2 electric cars and 3 gasoline-powered Benz machines imported from Germany. The race started in the early morning in snowy condit…

Why Is The DeLorean Famous?

John DeLorean is best known for his revolutionary first class innovation of the DeLorean DMC-12 car. The car was a stainless steel sports car with gull wings. He was an American engineer with General Motors during he’s time, he managed to convince people especially of Northern Ireland and the government of his great innovation although the car did not get to make enough sales to repay the company’s debt to the government. The DeLorean DMC-12 car has been used in many movies and also made replicas of it. Some of those movies are; the future beastie boys visit their younger selves using the DeLorean in the short film Fight for Your Right Revisited, and such of other movies. Also the DeLorean is mention in some of the famous artiste’s song like Lil’ Wayne, Kan-ye West.  The Delorean is very famous because of the history that it has and also just for been the first car with gull wings.